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Durable RJ45 Backshell
Convert your RJ45 Ethernet cables into heavy-duty, touring cables!
For entertainment and industrial hard use



ProShell with Cap

NEW!  ProShell Extra versionFor larger OD RJ45 cables, including ProPlex CAT6a

US Patent: 7,431,604 B2



Convert your RJ45 Ethernet cables into heavy-duty, touring cables! Prevalent use of RJ45 connector in the stage world has created the need for a road-worthy RJ connector solution capable of repeated connections while maintaining mechanical and electrical integrity. Standard ProShell and ProShell Extra feature patented RJ45 strain relief, integral latch protection, and optimal protective cap. The only solution available that doesn't require specialized connectors at both ends, the ProShell can be used with standard hardware! From TMB - Supplying touring industry professionals worldwide with "ruggedized" technology since 1983!


  • Fits RJ45 modular plugs, including CAT6a
  • Strain relief securely grips CAT6a and other large OD (<8.6mm) RJ45 cables
  • Protects RJ45 locking mechanism (latch) from breaking off
  • Profile fits high-density hubs and switches. Will not block adjacent ports
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling
  • Standard label indent for easy marking.  Top facing, visible in patch-bays
  • Completely removable and reusable
  • Shape allows cable to be easily pulled through nested cables
  • Optional cap protects RJ45 contracts when longer cables are dragged across floors


Cut Sheets

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Assembly Instructions



Package Options

Package Options

PRJ0V2-BK/2 – Standard
PRJ0EX-BK/2 – Extra
Dealer Pack, Black
(Pk/2 Shell, No Caps)

PRJ0V2-BK/10– Standard
PRJ0EX-BK/10– Extra
Bulk Dealer Pack, Black
(Pk/10 Shell, No Caps)

PRJ0V2-BK/100– Standard
PRJ0EX-BK/100– Extra
OEM Pack, Black
(Pk/100 Shell)

PRJ0V2-BK/2T– Standard
PRJ0EX-BK/2T– Extra
Dealer Pack, Black
(Pk/2 Shell/Cap)

PRJ0V2-BK/10T– Standard
PRJ0EX-BK/10T– Extra
Bulk Dealer Pack, Black
(Pk/10 Shell/Cap)

PRJ0V2-BKCAP/25– Standard
PRJ0EX-BKCAP/25– Extra
OEM Pack, Black
(Pk/25 Cap only)



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