ProPlex Fibre

The World’s Most Durable Fibre Optic Cable - Forget Military Tactical,
this is "Rock & Roll Tactical"


NEW! Now available in Rock & Roll Tactical and Super Tactical versions.
Multi-mode and single-mode fibre available.


4- and 12-way fanouts, OpticalCon R&R Tactical Quad fanouts, and OpticalCon Quad breakouts available



  • Standard lengths: 1.5, 5, 30, 150 meters.
  • Steel armoring. Protect critical show data.
  • OpticalCON protection covers standard on all assemblies.
  • Cable reel and travel case included for lengths over 30 meters.
  • Custom cables, connectors, and lengths available by request.


Training Videos

Neutrik OpticalCON - Care and Maintenance



Cut Sheets

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Proper Care and Handling Guide

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PDFicon20px Spanish




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