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  • TMB was first to design and build custom, proprietary cables, connectors and assemblies for the entertainment production and staging markets.
    • FIRST road-worthy, dependable, verified DMX cables
    • FIRST 12/14 six-circuit “Soca” cables
    • FIRST bussed grounds in six-circuit cables
    • FIRST machined, Neoprene-insert, Listed six-circuit connectors
    • FIRST road-worthy, dependable, verified Ethernet cables
    • FIRST and ONLY power cable assemblies, including six-circuit cables, Listed under NEC 520 and 530
    • FIRST and ONLY rugged RJ45 backshells
    • FIRST steel-armored fibre optic cables and breakouts
  • Over 30 years of proven, reliable quality, relied on by the industry’s top productions and shows.  Rush Service Normal!
    • Over 50 highly trained assembly technicians, worldwide.  Close to 1,000 years of cumulative experience.
    • Many innovative and quality proprietary products, built to a standard, not to a price
    • Proven again and again to be dependable night after night, mile after mile, through whatever life on the road throws at them 
    • ProPlex data cables feature the highest quality verified electronic specifications, in addition to peerless durability in the portable versions 
    • Time and again, many impossible deadlines met, at no extra charge, in US and EU.  Barcoding, labeling, special orders, no request too much. 
    • TMB has the largest cabling operations in LA, NY, UK.  In each market, TMB has the greatest capacity for effectively delivering large, last minute orders. 
  • No other cabling supplier to the entertainment production and staging markets has TMB’s history of innovation, reputation for reliable quality and service, or international scope and depth. 
    • All cables are NOT the same!
    • TMB is the standard to which others are compared!
    • No one knows this industry like TMB!
    • Rush Service Normal!


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