ProTester 19


Diagnose and Troubleshoot 19-pin Multicables and Circuits!



Designed for real-world entertainment and staging production, where time, durability, and ease of use are essential!

From TMB, a company that has made (and tested!) cable assemblies for over 30 years!

    • Accurate!  LCD displays real-time results by contact-to-contact scanning.
    • Saves time!  Instantly checks all circuits.
    • Intelligent!  Identifies bussed ground pins
    • Fast and Safe!  Quick-connect feature. No locking rings – no scuffed knuckles!
    • Versatile!  Portable or bench mount.
    • Long battery life!  Auto-off feature.
    • Easy to Use!  Auto-switching DC battery or mains AC power.
    • Multifunctional!  Auto-select wiring diagnosis + continuity/lamp status.
    • Rugged!  Heavy-duty aluminum chassis with “ProPlex Blue” textured finish.



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