ProPlex Software



ProPlex Software  (Now with RDM Manager!)

The all-in-one tool for managing IQ Ethernet-DMX converters and RDM fixtures in your rig!

  • Total visibility for setting up DMX channels on multiple IQs.  No multiple button pushing!
  • Change settings on multiple IQ’s at once from a single source.
  • Export all IQ settings for easy reloading or sending individual or group setup files.
  • Live full-universe readout of DMX channels provides visibility for all data.
  • Set up merging with two easy clicks, whether HTP merging for two streams of data at once, or easy priority for choice of data stream.
  • Change or add addresses for any RDM fixture in the system.
  • Monitor lamp hours and temperatures at a glance.
  • Quickly and easily diagnose problems in the system on the fly!
  • Use with ProPlex RDMigo Cable for a portable RDM management solution!

ProPlex Software for Windows [currently in beta]

ProPlex Software for Mac OSX



ProPlex Software Manual





Display Designer Software Version 1.2.0 For Windows

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