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RackMount platforms for custom assemblies:  Break-In, Break-Out, Sneak Snake, CPC Snake, opticalCON feed thru or Break-Out, plus a variety of other options using any Neutrik D Series connectors.

  • One connector!  Two connector!  Three connector!  Four!
  • Blank panels in stock for rapid shipment of custom wired orders.
  • XLR, EtherCon (5/6/6a), OpticalCon, PowerCon, or any combination. 
  • CPC option available.
  • OpticalCon to LC or ST, EtherCon to DMX or RJ45, PowerCon for accessory / input power.  Your choice!
  • Ideal for additional Neutrik D Series locking connectors!  D-SUB; Firewire; HDMI; RCA; Powercon/TRUE1; USB.





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