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3D Mapping Projection Examples


Live Design Projection Product of the Year 2014-2015 - SHAPE

Live Design Projection Product of the Year 2013-2014 - Chipmunk

Two 2011 PLASA Rock Our World Awards

Live Design Projection Product of the Year 2010 - VideoMapper

LDI 2009 Debuting Product Award - UberPan

Video of Hippotizer installations and events around the World



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TMB is pleased to announce the release of Hippotizer Version 4.  Hippotizer V4 represents the sum total of Green Hippo’s years of innovation.  New software and a completely redesigned, leading-edge hardware package.

V4 features include FlexRes ultra HD codec, built-in SHAPE 3D visualizer, flexible new output management system, multi-user sessions and a redesigned user interface.  Running Windows 8 Embedded, 64-bit OS, V4’s entirely new hardware, with the very latest in SSD, capture and display hardware, will also feature the STRATA Caddy removable drive system – making any show completely transportable.

The V4 starting line-up includes the following units with more expected next year:

Taiga :  6x DisplayPort outputs, 1.2 outputs w/Genlock
Boreal :  4x HD-SDI or DVI outputs + EDID management
Karst :  2x HD-SDI, DVI, or DVI w/Genlock plus 1x DisplayPort 1.2 output
Amba :  1x unlimited resolution output on DVI, HDMI, or Display Port



 Shape-logo-200x64 Strata-Logo-200x26 


V4 Features:

  • Multi-user sessions – Multi-user sessions allow more than one user to work on the same show file at the same time.
  • 64 bit operating system and software – Hippo is now running on Microsoft’s latest operating system, making it much easier to use up to date external peripherals.
  • New easy to configure output manager – The output manager has been completely rewritten allowing for complete flexibility in routing whatever you want, where ever you want!!!
  • Optional 3D or 2D workspace (3D uses SHAPE) – Use Hippo in its traditional state for easy media selection and manipulation or use it in conjunction with SHAPE to make the hardest 3D projects seem easy!
  • Removable SSD hard drives (Strata caddy system) – You can now pre transcode content and carry your own hard drives without the need of owning a Hippo product. Offline transcoding software will allow you to transcode media on any PC.
  • Mixes!!! The ability to route layers to different resolutions across any output on the fly!
  • Projector auto calibration – You will now be able to align your projectors from your 3D space to your real space in a few clicks of the mouse!
  • Native workflow through Adobe After Effects – Hippo will now allow a live After Effects plug in allowing you to directly import into the Hippo Software!
  • Virtual outputs, this allows you to configure a whole show with multiple outputs on one machine without the need for multiple machines.
  • Splitters now recognized as individual outputs not a Split canvas. So for example the AMBA base model can be an independent 4 output machine!
  • Visualizer is photo realistic quality.
  • Input options available on all machines.
  • Flexible Dynamic Zookeeper Interface enables complete configurability for any user.
  • Professional Audio Inputs and Outputs.
  • Genlock available on all Platforms.
  • More Codec options. FlexRes.
  • Hardware well laid out easy to set up.
  • SHAPE and FlexRes plug-ins for After-Effects and other graphics programs will allow content creators to render directly into Hippo.

Please note that . . .

  • V4 software can only run on V4 hardware – V4 will not be able to run on any existing V3 hardware.
  • Green Hippo will be offering an upgrade program through TMB, for current V3 Hippotizer owners to upgrade to V4 Hardware and Software.
  • V4 machines will run V3 compatibility mode with the final version of V3; V3.2.4.  V3.2.4 will be the final V3 release.




4 models for a variety of applications








6 Outputs

4 Outputs

2 Outputs

1 Output

4U Rackmount

4U Rackmount

2U Rackmount

1U Rackmount





http://pub.tmb.com/Hippotizer/pics/Taiga-reflect-320x210.png  http://pub.tmb.com/Hippotizer/logo/taiga-logo-194x32.png

The powerhouse of the range, Taiga redefines all that is possible from a single media server. Featuring 6 unlimited DVI or DisplayPort outputs, the Taiga can drive at least 3 x 4K displays at full frame rate. DisplayPort 1.2 enables the Taiga to drive many 4K displays and projectors with a single cable. Taiga uses the newest generation of server-class computer hardware to deliver unrivalled performance.

  • 6x DisplayPort 1.2, or 6x DVI Dual link outputs (chosen at purchase)
  • All outputs can be Genlocked to an external sync source
  • Input options:  3G-SDI; DVI-SL/DL; HDMI; HD-SDI; SDI; SMPTE
  • 3TB of internal Solid State Drives, (SSD) including 1TB of PCIe SSD
  • Stereo XLR Audio in and out with isolation and earth lift
  • 4x Removable harddrives for upto 4TB of additional SSD storage using the STRATA Caddy System
  • Optional Touch screen
  • Status indicating front LEDs

Technical Sheet

pdficon20px Taiga






The new standard for touring media servers. With four DVI or HD-SDI outputs, Hippotizer Boreal is designed for the rigours of life on the road. All video outputs are EDID managed with dedicated hardware to ensure easy set up and operation in any environment. Each output includes a second parallel connection to enable local monitoring.

  • 4x DVI-SL wGenlock; 4x DVI-DL w/Genlock; 4x HD-SDI; 4x DVI-SL; or 4x DVI-DL outputs
  • Input options:  3G-SDI; DVI-SL/DL; HDMI; HD-SDI; SDI; SMPTE
  • Genlock Available
  • 4 Front accessible Removable Hard Drives with STRATA Caddy System
  • Optional Touch screen
  • Front-mounted status LEDs
  • EDID management on all outputs
  • Stereo XLR Audio in and out with isolation and earth lift.
  • Up to 2 internal Capture Cards
  • Optional: 100Gb Ethernet for superfast media transfer

Technical Sheet

pdficon20px Boreal




http://pub.tmb.com/Hippotizer/pics/Karst-reflect-320x128.png http://pub.tmb.com/Hippotizer/logo/karst-logo-216x32.png 

Unparalleled power and flexibility built into a custom, tour ready case. A host of customisable output and capture options mean that the Hippotizer Karst can fit into many different roles. Featuring a total of 3 outputs, as well as dual control monitors, the Hippotizer Karst can drive the most demanding shows with ease. At only 2 rack units high, the Hippotizer Karst packs two HD-SDI outputs into a very small space while the third display port 1.2 connection offers the ability to drive very large resolution screens with just a single cable.

  • 2x HD-SDI + 1x DisplayPort; 2x DVI w/Genlock + 1x DisplayPort; or 2x DVI + 1x DisplayPort outputs
  • 1 x DisplayPort output for single cable 4K support
  • Input options:  3G-SDI; DVI-SL/DL; HDMI; HD-SDI; SDI; SMPTE
  • Genlock available
  • 2 Removable Hard Drives using the STRATA Caddy system
  • Front mounted status LEDs
  • EDID management on all outputs
  • Stereo XLR Audio out with isolation and earth lift

Technical Sheet

pdficon20px Karst




http://pub.tmb.com/Hippotizer/pics/Amba-reflect-320x87.png http://pub.tmb.com/Hippotizer/logo/Amba-logo-185x32.png 

A compact and powerful 1U media server with the capacity for an internal capture card and a removable drive; the Amba outperforms many larger systems. With a single unlimited resolution output, the Amba can be used with splitters or on Greater than HD projects.

  • 1x DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort output
  • Supports output splitters
  • Input options:  3G-SDI; DVI-SL/DL; HDMI; HD-SDI; SDI
  • 1 Removable harddrive as part of the STRATA Caddy system
  • Front-mounted status LEDs

Technical Sheet

pdficon20px Amba



FlexRes Codec

NEW!  Green Hippo’s FlexRes!  The new codec everyone has been waiting for! 

  • Higher than 4K resolution
  • Resolution flexibility – Encode and playback clips at any aspect ratio
  • Alpha transparency -- Supports Alpha channel transparency to any resolution.
  • Selectable color subsampling – Choose: 4:2:0, 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 color space at time of encoding.  4:4:4 provides visually perfect color reproduction.
  • I-Frame decoding – Faster, cleaner Play head-scrubbing.  High-speed playback (greater than 250%) is improved compared with MPEG-2.  Reverse playback as smooth as Forward playback.
  • Faster encoding – Two to three times faster than with MPEG-2.
  • And much more!!

Green Hippo has done it again with the finest codec worthy of the name Green Hippo, makers of Hippotizer, “America’s Favorite Media Servers.” 


V4 Technical Sheets

pdficon20px Taiga

pdficon20px Boreal

pdficon20px Karst

pdficon20px Amba

pdficon20px Comparison Sheet


V3 Technical Sheets

pdficon20px Hippotizer HD

pdficon20px Hippotizer HD Genlock

pdficon20px UberKeeper

pdficon20px Rackoon

pdficon20px Chipmunk

pdficon20px GrassHopper

pdficon20px HippoPortamus


Installation Examples!


Hippotizers in action at Super Bowl XLVI halftime show

width=640, height=360, box=0, play=0


Hippotizers in action at Super Bowl XLIV halftime show

width=640, height=360, box=0, play=0


3D Mapping Projection Examples

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Hippotizer V3 Demo on Religitek.com


Hippotizer v3.2.2 released
Release Notes Summary

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