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TMB is exclusive distributor of Hippotizer media servers in the Americas.


Live Design Projection Product of the Year 2013-2014 - Chipmunk

Two 2011 PLASA Rock Our World Awards

Live Design Projection Product of the Year 2010 - VideoMapper

LDI 2009 Debuting Product Award - UberPan


Green Hippo and Hippotizer in the News

3D Mapping Projection Examples


Video of Hippotizer installations and events around the World




The Hippotizer Media Server is recognized as the world’s best solution for realtime video effects, manipulation and playback. Prominent productions worldwide, in a wide array of disciplines – Concerts, Theatre, Opera, Television, Worship, Corporate and more – are now specifying the Hippotizer, making it “the industry’s favorite media server.”

With Hippotizer V3, Green Hippo have taken the role of media servers to a whole new level. Functions such as powerful timelines, HippoNet intelligent networking and a host of new media management features mean it's never been simpler to elevate your shows to radical new highs.



Industry-leading capabilities of the V3 Hippotizer Media Server

  • Class leading real-time video playback and manipulation

  • HippoNet Control Network (seamless networking for control, preview, and configuration)

  • ZooKeeper Control Software – intuitive network user interface that is fully configurable

  • Built-in Timeline and Preset programming for all parameters and servers on the network.

  • Advanced Media Management and built-in automatic media encoder

  • Live Video Input options including free PC screen capture

  • Frame-accurate synchronization across servers

  • Soft-edge blending and HippoSnapper live masking tool

  • PixelMapper LED controller for DMX and Color Kinetics fixtures

  • Scenic Automation integration tools

  • Geometry, Color Correction and hundreds of customizable effects

  • Keystone and ScreenWarp for projection on non-linear surfaces

  • Many control protocols supported: TCP/MIDI/RS232/MTC/SMPTE/DMX/ArtNet/KiNet

  • VideoMapper for non-standard, versatile LED tile mapping

  • Text Engine for creating and displaying text for titles, song lyrics and credits

  • UberPan – Complete, automatic and customizable screen elements manager allows for multiple display devices to act and be controlled as one canvas, including media chopping, scaling, encoding and distribution to multiple servers.

  • Tour-ready custom-built chassis



6 models for a variety of applications

Hippotizer HD

Genlock HD





http://pub.tmb.com/Hippotizer/pics/UberKeeper-small.png  http://pub.tmb.com/Hippotizer/pics/Chipmunk-Small.png 
4U Rackmount

4U Rackmount

2U Rackmount

1U Rackmount

Rackoon GrassHopper HippoPortamus



1U Rackmount
2U Rackmount



FlexRes Codec

NEW!  Green Hippo’s FlexRes!  The new codec everyone has been waiting for! 

  • Higher than 4K resolution
  • Resolution flexibility – Encode and playback clips at any aspect ratio
  • Alpha transparency -- Supports Alpha channel transparency to any resolution.
  • Selectable color subsampling – Choose: 4:2:0, 4:2:2 or 4:4:4.  At 4:4:4 at time of encoding.  Provides visually perfect color reproduction.
  • I-Frame decoding – Faster, cleaner Play head-scrubbing.  High-speed playback (greater than 250%) is improved compared with MPEG-2.  Reverse playback as smooth as Forward playback.
  • Faster encoding – Two to three times faster than with MPEG-2.
  • And much more!!

Green Hippo has done it again with the finest codec worthy of the name Green Hippo, makers of Hippotizer, “America’s Favorite Media Servers.” 





pdficon20px Hippotizer V3 Brochure

pdficon20px Hippotizer V3 Manual

pdficon20px Hippotizer V3 Quick Guide


Technical Sheets

pdficon20px Hippotizer HD

pdficon20px Hippotizer HD Genlock

pdficon20px UberKeeper

pdficon20px Rackoon

pdficon20px Chipmunk

pdficon20px GrassHopper

pdficon20px HippoPortamus



pdficon20px Back Plates

pdficon20px Panels



Installation Examples!


Hippotizers in action at Super Bowl XLVI halftime show



Hippotizers in action at Super Bowl XLIV halftime show



3D Mapping Projection Examples

Follow this link to a separate page





Training & Tutorials

More Hippotizer tutorials at the


Instructional Videos

Hippotizer V3 Demo on Religitek.com



Hippotizer v3.2.2 released
Release Notes Summary

Download the latest Hippotizer Software from our FTP server
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Hippotizers for Worship Program
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Hippotizer User Forum

Manufacturer Website: www.green-hippo.com




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Temple 3D Mapping Display at the TMB booth at LDI 2012


Also check out the UberPan display from NAB Show 2011



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