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Solaris Quasar Strobes featured at 44th Annual CMA Awards

FLASH!  Nashville television audience blinded by high-powered strobes!  So begins a headline that might have been, if ultra-bright Solaris Quasar strobes were not in the deft hands of lighting designer Bob Dickinson.

Arrayed in a semicircle behind and above Kid Rock and the band, 11 15,000-watt Quasars beamed downstage, adding visual punch and creating a true audio-visual experience.  Mounted on vertical truss accented with MR-16 strip lights, the Quasars rested during the intro versus of the song Born Free.  Downbeats for each chorus were tastefully splashed with long, brilliant flashes, followed by short bursts for each backbeat, as if triggered by the snare drum.  Quasar’s flash duration – up to 3 seconds – and its flexibility offers the designer a new dimension in programming, which Dickinson exploited with great effect. 

Says Bob, “The tremendous brightness, even field, and long constant-on time of the Solaris strobes give me a new and effective creative tool.  They allow me to create a visual impact the audience can feel.”  Dickinson’s many credits include the Olympics, The Grammy Awards, The Academy Awards, the Tony Awards, the Tonight Show, and more. 

Solaris professional strobes represent the next level in strobe technology.  Models from 35 watts to 85,000 watts are available.  The mighty 85,000 watt Solaris T-Light has recently featured in events such as the 54th Eurovision Song Contest, and tours by AC-DC, Kings of Leon, Lady Gaga and Rammstein.

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