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Flare Q+ on Foo Fighters Tour

Foo Fighters will be on the road through December promoting their ninth studio album, Concrete & Gold.  Following dates in Asia, the Seattle band will hit Berlin and London before opening their US fall tour at Cal Jam 17 in San Bernardino, California in October. Since 2010, Dan Hadley has been the group’s production designer and lighting programmer/director, and his current design includes 27 Flare Q+ LR linear fixtures.

“We are going very light for quick runs of festivals,” says Hadley, “I had to make sure that the fixtures we were bringing packed a punch.  I used the original Flares on the last tour to bash and color the crowd.  The Q+ Linears do the same job while providing an unbroken line of light and color.  This adds a sort of architectural/scenic element that makes it stand out from any other lighting rig that the audience is seeing that day, and in such a ‘contest,’ I couldn’t help but use them quite liberally!”

Hadley continues, “I wasn’t very worried about asking PRG to purchase 27 active fixtures, as I was confident that even though this was only a short tour, I would be using them in the next design as well.  I expect they’ll wear out more case wheels than shelf liners.

“The new Flare Q+ is brighter than the original Flare, but both are very effective reminders to check if ‘Highlight’ is on.”

Introduced late last year, the Solaris Flare Q+ LR has all the features of its renowned predecessor in a new linear 108-LED format, with the added benefit of revolutionary Q+ Technology™.  The new Q+ LED driver technology increases brightness by over 40% up to an amazing 58,000 lumens, reduces fan noise, and optimizes LED temperatures for long-term reliability.  Furthermore, a “Theatre Mode”, with slightly reduced output, is effectively silent, yet still 8% brighter than the original Flare!  As with the new 96-LED Flare Q+, the Flare Q+ LR linear fixture has a calibration function that allows matching of intensity and color with earlier generation Flares.

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