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ProPower “Old Faithful” for iWeiss Theatrical Solutions

At iWeiss, ProPower means continuity in more ways than one.  Their oldest ProPower Rack Power Distribution (RPD) rack has been in continuous service for 17 years, in the most challenging and hostile theatrical conditions.  With over 1,500 ProPower racks in service across North America, the story of this reliable workhorse product is worth telling.

“After 17 years of continuous use in the construction and renovation of venues, amidst all the associated debris, dust and dirt, our oldest ProPower rack still functions flawlessly,” says Richard Parks, VP of Rigging and Installation at iWeiss.  “I can’t praise this product enough.  It always saves us time and money with a single tie that the crew can work without an electrician, and it always passes the OSHA and AHJ inspections.” 

Parks adds, “This rack has supported dozens of crews, rigging, welding and hoisting, year after year.  It’s been used to power everything from power tools to sophisticated motion control and stage machinery.  We’ve gotten more than our money’s worth from our ‘Old Faithful’ ProPower distros.”

For 40 years, New Jersey’s iWeiss has provided quality drapery and rigging solutions to the entertainment industry.  Offering a variety of products and services, including project management; draping; installation; steel fabrication; backdrops; rigging; automation; and more, iWeiss takes great pride in superior performance and personalized service.  Every job, big or small, receives the same attention.  Learn more about iWeiss at

For the North American market, ProPower RPD rack systems normally ship within ten business days from order, fully cULus Listed, completely ready to use, housed in high-quality, custom ATA flight cases.  ProPower CE systems offer all the features and benefits of their American cousins to professional users in 220/240 volt markets. 

Custom-configurable ProPower power distribution systems offer a comprehensive range of distro panels incorporating virtually every type of connector, voltage range, or special purpose device used in the entertainment production and staging industries.  Over 150 panels are readily available, with more being regularly added.  Panels and their positioning in the rack are specified by the customer, and each system is built exactly as ordered.  In addition to power distribution panels, ProPlex Data Distribution systems can be specified in many ProPower units.  The most recent addition to the wide range of ProPower options is a 1U panel with eight USB outputs for charging mobile devices and powering LED goosenecks. 

ProPower is exclusively distributed worldwide by TMB.  Find out more about the entire ProPower range at

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