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FloppyFlex Splashes WrestleMania 33

WrestleMania 33 set a record last month as the most-watched WrestleMania ever.  Dubbed an “ultimate thrill ride for the ages,” WWE’s signature event at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida featured 13 matches, including two world championships.  A larger-than-life ring atop the massive truss centerpiece was designed and installed by All Access Staging & Productions.  Resembling something out of Gulliver’s Travels, the giant ring was a befitting symbol for the wrestling giants competing in this epic showdown.  Around the perimeter of the giant ring were oversized red, white, and blue ultra-bright ring “ropes” illuminated by 2,000 feet of Firefly FloppyFlex LED neon.

“The glowing ropes around the 80 x 80 foot ‘ring’ crowning the real ring were dramatic eye-catchers,” says Erik Eastland of All Access.  “Using the structure’s rooftop as the ‘mat’, we built the giant ‘ropes’ out of 12-inch frosted PVC ducting hose, each illuminated with double-runs of FloppyFlex RGB.  The FloppyFlex is easy to cut and install and, most important, it’s much brighter than conventional LED tapes.  The vivid colors could be clearly seen from the farthest seat in the stadium, even against a fireworks backdrop!”   

Production Designer for WrestleMania is Jason Robinson and Production Manager is Jeremy Shand.

Firefly FloppyFlex LED Neon is the perfect and professional replacement for glass neon:  Super-bright, easy to use, long lasting, durable, and at 24VDC, safe.  Perfect for use indoors and outdoors, FloppyFlex is available in large dome (270° view angle), small dome (160° view angle), and flat versions, including the new ultra-slim SkinnyFlex.  FloppyFlex comes in various color options including RGB, Digital RGBWW (pixel controlled), standard single-colors including Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, and a wide selection of single-color whites ranging from 2100 to 5700 Kelvin.  The Firefly range of decorative, outdoor-rated lighting systems also includes Festoon with shatterproof, outdoor-rated LED lamps, Fairy Lights long-life, heavy-duty LED Strings and Icicles, and new Bud Lights thimble LED strings

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