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TMB’s Grant Dunn Accepts Position at Electrosonic, Inc.

Four years ago, in his final year of graduate studies at Cal Arts, Grant Dunn signed on as an intern with TMB’s Tech Support Department, specializing in video server support and programming.  Since that time, Grant the Renaissance Man became a full-time TMB employee and has since served many valuable functions at TMB, from Video Editor, to Tech Support, to Event Management, and most recently, Sales/Customer Development, calling on and helping TMB’s customers throughout the Western US.

After making considerable contributions to TMB, Grant has accepted a position as Sales Engineer at the worldwide A/V design and engineering company Electrosonic, Inc.  “Grant embodies the TMB ethos, combining hard work, good humor, and technical savvy,” says TMB Sales Manager, Stephanie Kilburg.  “It seems like yesterday he began working here as an intern.  Grant has gone far at TMB, he is a virtual wellspring of innovative ideas and he’s been a valuable asset, as well as a great friend!  Now he’ll be a customer but will always remain one of us.  You can take the person out of TMB but you can’t take TMB out of the person.”

According to Grant, “It has been a great experience – and a lot of fun! – to work alongside the talented and dedicated TMB staff who do so much every day to provide their customers with the best service possible.  I’m proud of the things we accomplished over the last four years, including the introduction of dozens of new and innovative products.  I look forward to applying the experience gained at TMB to my new position at Electrosonic, where I’ll now become a TMB customer, and right down the street!  TMB will always have a friend at Electrosonic.”

TMB is currently interviewing candidates for Grant’s Customer Development position. 

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