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Firefly FloppyFlex on Stage – Five Guys Named Moe

Clarke Peters’ jukebox musical Five Guys Named Moe, featuring R&B pioneer Louis Jordan’s greatest hits, has been delighting audiences at the Festival Square Theatre, Edinburgh.  Called a “Christmas Carol in zoot suits,” the dazzling new production of the hit West End and Broadway musical features a cabaret set that includes 32 metres of the new Digital RGB FloppyFlex by Firefly.

“The rear wall of the set is a slice of an old vinyl record,” explains LD Philip Gladwell, “and we use FloppyFlex to simulate the record’s grooves, programmed to give a spinning effect.  We chose Digital FloppyFlex to bring the scenery alive and achieved fantastic results.  The smooth movement and vibrant colour is exactly what we needed.  I can’t think of another product that could deliver such a stunning effect.”

Production electrician Gareth Clowes adds, “I highly recommend FloppyFlex.  It’s really a nice product to work with and the installation tools needed are remarkably straightforward.  It also seems practically indestructible.  I'm sure it would withstand most things a tour, for example, could throw at it.”

Programmer Liam Jones pixel-mapped the stunning effects.  Produced by Underbelly Productions in association with Cameron Mackintosh, the production will run until January 7. 

Digital RGB FloppyFlex is the newest addition to the Firefly FloppyFlex LED neon range.  DMX multi-pixel control at eight pixels per meter offers unlimited creative potential, including colour fades, chases, and unlimited colour-animating possibilities. 

Original FloppyFlex offers the ideal replacement for glass neon in both entertainment production and architectural applications:  It is easy to install, long lasting, durable, and at 24 volts DC, safe!  In addition to a DMX controlled RGB version, a wide variety of both single-colours and white colour temperatures are available.  Ideal for use indoors and outdoors, a range of dome sizes and bend axes are available.  A comprehensive selection of mounting accessories facilitates any installation.   A variety of ProPlex controllers are available for applications from portable touring to permanent install. 

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