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165 Solaris LED Linear Fixtures Light Up Jason Aldean

In their first significant use on a major tour, 165 Solaris LED 16x1 fixtures have been performing flawlessly on Jason Aldean’s 2014 Burn It Down tour.

“I chose Solaris 16X1’s because, based on my experience with the amazing Solaris Flare, I knew they would perform well for my needs,” says Mike Swinford, the show’s Lighting and Production Designer. “We use them to outline the overhead trusses and also to outline the T-shaped thrust. They’re performing very well and ride on the trusses everyday so they do not have to be handled at every show. As with the Flare product, I am really impressed by their high output, plus linear effects when used with the MA console driving them. The 16X1’s individual LED “pixel” control is a real plus”. Production personnel include Tour LD Keith Hoagland and Lighting Programmer Mark Butts. The Solaris LED product is supplied to the tour by VER.

Mark Butts adds, “We’re using them three ways: As strobes, blinders and as linear light sources to define the truss shapes. They work really well for all three. We do everything from shimmery starry sky looks, to big linear wipes, to huge strobe effects. A nice fixture all around, and super versatile.”

The Linear 16x1 “Half-Batten”, 10x4 “Batten”, and 3x4 “Brick” are recent additions to the Solaris LED family which also includes the renowned Flare and Flare Jr. Featuring Cree® LEDs, Solaris LED Linear fixtures provide beautiful, bright colors and intense whites. Smooth fades via 16-bit dimming or intelligent 8-bit dimming. Homogenized four-color, in-lens blending provides a more even color mix with no “skittles” or multi-color shadow effect. Various lensing and diffusion options are available for various different looks and applications, and also heavy-duty yoke bars.

Solaris LED products are distributed exclusively worldwide by TMB: Learn more about many other exciting and innovative products from TMB at

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