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Theatrical Lighting Connection Lights PGA Ryder Cup with ProPlex Data Distribution

Los Angeles, CA

At the 2012 biennial Ryder Cup golf tournament, a team of USA all-stars challenged the European Cup-holders at the private 640-acre Medinah Country Club in Illinois.  Lighting for the event ceremonies was provided by Theatrical Lighting Connection (TLC) of Chicago.

The lighting rig included 100 Martin and 55 Color Kinetics fixtures.  Control data from two Martin consoles was transmitted via a total of 2,000 ft. of ProPlex Fibre Cable to two ProPlex GBS 10-port, dual-fibre, managed GigaBit Switches, and then via ProPlex Ethernet cables and ArtNet converters to four ProPlex Opto-Splitter 2x8 units, linked to the fixtures via ProPlex DMX cables.

“We’ve been using ProPlex data cables for about 10 years and never had a problem,” says Otto Schlesinger, Production Electrician at TLC.  “Based on our experience, it made sense to adopt the new ProPlex Fibre Cable.  This is the nicest fibre cable we’ve seen, exactly as TMB describe it, ‘Rock & Roll Tactical’.  We chose the ProPlex GBS managed switch because of the flexible and durable packaging of its Cisco component.  The 10-port, dual fibre GBS supports multiple networks off of a single switch, and considering its bullet-proof design is very cost effective.  We like to think long term and these switches are built like brick s**t houses.”

ProPlex offers a truly integrated, complete solution.  ProPlex Devices multiple-format, copper/fibre data distribution systems, intended for all portable entertainment production and staging applications, are truly “Built for the Road”.  The growing product range includes:  GBS gigabit Ethernet switches; IQ  Ethernet-DMX converters; Opto-Splitter  DMX/RDM splitters; and RMT remote media transceivers (coming soon).  ProPlex professional control cables include DMX, CAT5e, and now Fibre – The World’s Most Durable Data Cables!

Lighting Designer for the Ryder Cup ceremonies was Patrick Chan of TLC.  With offices in Chicago and Orlando, TLC has offered full-service production lighting and design for theater, concerts, tradeshows, corporate events, and permanent installation since 1986.  

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