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TMB Expands its Pro Range of Ruggedized Cable

London, England

Since 1983, TMB has supplied entertainment production and staging professionals with the world’s most durable power and control cables and assemblies.  TMB was the first, and remains the leading, supplier in this specialised market.  Now, TMB’s range of professional touring and installation cables has been widened to include audio, video, and data.  TMB’s extensive experience producing ruggedised yet easy to handle cabling – evolved from the rigours of Rock & Roll touring – is now applied to the new ProCable® audio and video cables.  Also new are ProPlex® Ethernet and Fibre cables – the most durable and reliable available.  ProCable and ProPlex are unsurpassed in signal/data performance, handling characteristics, and longevity in portable, entertainment use.

TMB’s wide range of cable and cable assemblies include ProCable mic cables, plus mic-snake and A/V cables in a wide variety of configurations; ProPlex data control cables; ProPlex Fibre cables; ProAqua™ submersible cables; plus high-value Dataplex™ data and Starcable™ audio cables.

TMB also offers custom ruggedised cable assemblies – if necessary expedited for next day delivery!  TMB supplies all major connectors, including Neutrik™, Amphenol™, Veam™, Bals™ , and Mennekes™, plus proprietary ProSeries®, KC™, and ProShell™.  TMB cable assemblies are unsurpassed for durability, flexibility, and attention to detail, delivered to meet your deadlines!

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