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TMB “Pro” products enhance Glastonbury headliner show

Florence + the Machine’s “infectious enthusiasm” at Glastonbury 2015 was enhanced by an elegant stage set with powerful, tasty lighting by Lighting Designer Rob Sinclair. To complement Florence’s dramatic and eccentric music (how many rock bands have a harp and vibes?), Sinclair combined new and traditional technology in unique ways to reinforce Florence’s grandiose performance on the festival’s celebrated Pyramid Stage.

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Solaris LED Mozarts Sparkle on The Voice

For eight seasons of NBC’s The Voice, Emmy Award winning Lighting Designer Oscar Dominguez of Darkfire Lighting Design has created scintillating lighting and sets worthy of tomorrow’s superstars. The production designs are a major part of the show’s success, and each year Dominguez raises the bar looking for ways to top himself.

Enter Solaris LED Mozart, the compact and versatile pixel-mapping RGB fixture. Already a “fan” of the Solaris LED Flare and Flare Jr., Dominguez recognized Mozart’s versatility and unique potential for foot lighting, uplighting, eye candy, and many other uses. The Voice now features up to 120 Mozarts in an ongoing succession of unique, creative iterations, week after week.

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Solaris LED Mozarts Accent Brandon Flowers Tour

How do you turn common but necessary stage gear into an integral part of the set design? Lighting Designer Steven Douglas solved the dilemma by creatively mounting Solaris LED Mozarts, the versatile pixel-mapping RGBW fixtures, on key equipment for The Killers lead singer Brandon Flowers’ The Desired Effect tour.

“We mounted Mozarts on the downstage edge of Brandon's floor monitors,” explains Douglas, “as well as attaching them to mic stands and the back line. We used iPad holders to rotate them into a diamond orientation.”

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