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Teri Productions Grows with ProPower® RPD Power Distros

More than 1,500 ProPower RPD power distro racks are in service across North America and Teri Productions of Knoxville, Tennessee owns a fair share of them.  Recently, the venerable, full-service rental and staging company has been building their inventory to accommodate new business with a variety of tours and events, ranging from Lil Wayne to motivational guru Tony Robbins.

“Using the latest technology, we’ve converted our lighting designs to eliminate dimmer racks,” says Teri Productions’ Jay Coatney.  “Running entirely on ProPower power distros, these lighting systems are a green solution, since much less power is needed.  For example, a system that previously required six 400-amp services can now be powered with two 200-amp services.  Even with this added efficiency, we sometimes use 12 ProPower RPD racks in large arenas.”

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Nuri*Lites™ “Hurricane” Fixtures Survive Hurricane in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s annual Mother of the Nation (MOTN) festival is the UAE’s largest cultural celebration. For ten days last month, over a kilometer of Abu Dhabi’s beautiful Corniche beach was the setting for workshops, exhibitions, dining, and entertainment. A fully integrated A/V and lighting package was provided by Production Technology (Protec) of Dubai, whose careful planning and work was challenged before opening day by Mother Nature. Hurricane-force, 75 mph winds, with an accompanying torrential downpour, could have easily delayed the event, had it not been for Protec’s experienced crew and some quality, IP-rated gear, including 100 of the new, tough and resilient Nuri*Lites Hurricane LED fixtures.

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FloppyFlex Splashes WrestleMania 33

WrestleMania 33 set a record last month as the most-watched WrestleMania ever.  Dubbed an “ultimate thrill ride for the ages,” WWE’s signature event at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida featured 13 matches, including two world championships.  A larger-than-life ring atop the massive truss centerpiece was designed and installed by All Access Staging & Productions.  Resembling something out of Gulliver’s Travels, the giant ring was a befitting symbol for the wrestling giants competing in this epic showdown.  Around the perimeter of the giant ring were oversized red, white, and blue ultra-bright ring “ropes” illuminated by 2,000 feet of Firefly FloppyFlex LED neon.

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