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Felix Lighting Stays on Leading Edge with ProPlex

This year, Felix Lighting has added significantly to their rental inventory of ProPlex Devices and Cables.  In addition to their ProPlex IQ Two 1616 and 416 Nodes, Opto-Splitters, hundreds of Ethernet cables and ten runs of ProPlex Fibre cable, nine EZ-LANs form the heart of the California company’s state-of-the-art portable networking systems.  “ProPlex makes complex show networking easier and more reliable, and our lives easier,” says Ryan Herrera, VP of Business Development at Felix Lighting.

“ProPlex EZ-LAN is our answer for complex networking productions,” says Ryan.  “We use it for our larger gigs, from the Hollywood Bowl to the Las Vegas Convention Center, and beyond.  For stadiums, festivals, or corporate ballrooms, we can run multiple networks – consoles, video, and ArtNet – over a single fibre run using EZ-LAN’s VLAN capabilities.  A parallel fibre run provides simple, cost effective redundancy.  We build the units into custom racks for each show and the learning curve for outside techs is extremely fast, thanks to EZ-LAN’s intuitive design.  We’ve tried other solutions but EZ-LAN is a truly unique, turnkey tool.”

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IMS at Outside Lands Festival

It’s summer in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. 200,000 people are enjoying three days of live Rock & Roll, and more. . . No, it’s not the Summer of Love, 1967, it’s the tenth annual Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, where the crowds are cleaner, and Flower Power is now a sustainable, green business. And flying high over the stage is a festoon lighting system featuring IMS DMX-controlled RGBWW lamps.

Conceived by renowned stage and lighting designer Andi Watson (known for his tenure with the band Radiohead), with production, fabrication, and installation by Iron Bloom of New York, the Land’s End main stage structure featured 420 IMS Mk2 festoon lamps hovering overhead, conjuring abstracts of the Bay Area’s many suspension bridges. The stage was home to over 50 acts throughout the weekend, including Metallica, Gorillaz, and The Who.

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Metallica Rocks Europe with Flares and ProPlex

The more things change, the more they remain the same.  Before there was even a European Union, Metallica was bringing aggressive thrash metal into the mainstream.  This month the legendary California band begins an extended European tour, shredding the continent through May 2018.  While the music is Metallica’s unique brand of traditional metal (and may it never change), lighting technology and control has come a long way since Metallica’s first gigs.  The tour uses 50 Solaris Flare LED fixtures, and DMX distribution based around four ProPlex IQ Two 1616 Ethernet-DMX nodes, all supplied by Premier Global Production (PGP) of Nashville, Tennessee.

“The Flares are used 99% of the time for blasting the crowd,” says Geddy, PGP’s Design Manager.  “Located atop the main center cube structure and cable bridges, we’re hitting the audience all night with whites and saturated colors.  About one-fifth of the Flares are the new brighter Q+ version, which we find mix perfectly with the original Flares.  The Q+ Flares can be calibrated to match the earlier generation units, but we found that simply running them in their ‘Theatre Mode’ works just fine; you can’t see the difference between the old and new.  Even with the Flare Q+ ‘padded’ a bit, we have all the brightness we need.  And what you would expect at a Metallica concert.  We have two other rigs out with Flares at the moment and we’re always looking for more.  We can’t get enough of them!”

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