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Hippotizer V4 Shines at the Shrine for iHeartRadio Music Awards

After a flawless performance at the Academy Awards, the new Hippotizer V4 excelled again at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards held at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium on March 29, broadcast on NBC and live streaming online.

The set was a video tour de force, with two V4 Taigas running six 1920x1080 outputs each to projectors and WinVision 9mm LED Tiles, filling the set with high-res content provided by Elastic and Possible. Green Hippo’s VideoMapper component was used for seamlessly mapping various display elements.

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Hippotizer V4 – The Heavyweight at WrestleMania 31

If Roman circuses had LED walls, they might look like WrestleMania 31, where modern gladiators entertained 77,000 people and one million PPV subscribers. For the spectacle, one end of Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA had a truly massive mélange of LED panel screens, as wide as 400 ft. and as high as 40 ft.

Driving media content to the LED displays were five Hippotizer V4 Boreals: Three with four mixes each of 1920x1080 output and two with two mixes, each in pan mode at 3840x1080. Preprogrammed media content was created by WWE’s in-house graphics team. Specifically designed for each flamboyant Superstar, motifs ranged from the Kremlin to the Gates of Hell.

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New Hippotizer V4 on 87th Academy Awards

For the seventh year running, Hippotizer by Green Hippo was again the media server of choice at this year’s Academy Awards, broadcast from Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre on February 22. This year however, marked a major step forward: The brand new Hippotizer V4 Hardware and Software system was put to work. One V4 Taiga, the flagship model of the new V4 range, performing a task that would have previously required at least three “Hippo HDs”, drove six video outputs, feeding all projection and LED screen content on the main stage – executing the show’s artistic vision with perfectly executed looks, from a vintage theatre façade, to Selma’s Edmund Pettus Bridge.

In addition, in the show’s screens control room, a V4 Boreal provided live 3D visualization of the entire theatre and stage, including all media content, giving the programming team both accurate real-time and pre-viz representations of the show as required, including the moving screens.

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