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Solaris SoLED – “That’s Our Strobe” says 44 Designs

Mutemath’s 2016 North American tour featured Solaris SoLED strobes, adding visual depth and intensity to the New Orleans alternative rock band’s stage.  Reflecting on a successful 2016, Parnelli “Hometown Hero Lighting Company” Award nominee 44 Designs describes how the SoLED performed on the road.

For the better part of a year, SoLEDs worked flawlessly on Mutemath’s headline dates, and co-billed gigs with Twenty One Pilots.  “We’ve had zero problems with these strobes,” says 44 Designs lead designer and owner Jeff Lava.  “For Mutemath we put them at stage level behind the amps, creating a backdrop of stunning effects.  Programmed to timecode, we used them in strobe and constant-on mode, as well as short bursts for additional pop.”

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Intelligent Marquee Systems Featured at Historic Masonic Theatre in Virginia

The Historic Masonic Theatre is an architectural treasure nestled in the Allegheny Mountains.  Since opening in 1905, the historic venue has boasted eclectic billings over the last century, including Roy Rogers (and of course Trigger), Gene Autry, Count Basie, and even political blunderbuss William Jennings Bryan (“What has been will be again”).  Now a performing arts, education, and community facility, a recent renovation includes the new, redesigned Intelligent Marquee Systems (IMS Mk2) LED marquee/festoon lighting system.

Specified by Theatrical Consultants Collaborative (TCC) of North Carolina and installed by Productions Unlimited, Inc. of South Carolina, IMS V12 “Filament” lamps were the perfect way to achieve programmable marquee lighting with the warm, golden look of traditional incandescent lamps, plus the benefits of individual DMX control and LED technology.

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Firefly FloppyFlex on Stage – Five Guys Named Moe

Clarke Peters’ jukebox musical Five Guys Named Moe, featuring R&B pioneer Louis Jordan’s greatest hits, has been delighting audiences at the Festival Square Theatre, Edinburgh.  Called a “Christmas Carol in zoot suits,” the dazzling new production of the hit West End and Broadway musical features a cabaret set that includes 32 metres of the new Digital RGB FloppyFlex by Firefly.

“The rear wall of the set is a slice of an old vinyl record,” explains LD Philip Gladwell, “and we use FloppyFlex to simulate the record’s grooves, programmed to give a spinning effect.  We chose Digital FloppyFlex to bring the scenery alive and achieved fantastic results.  The smooth movement and vibrant colour is exactly what we needed.  I can’t think of another product that could deliver such a stunning effect.”

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