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FloppyFlex Accents Granite Boardwalk in Texas

“The Boardwalk”, a new development in a 90-acre multi-use commercial complex in Granite Park, Plano, Texas, adds 29,000 square feet of restaurant, patio, and office space, with dramatic decorative lighting featuring nearly 1,000 feet of FloppyFlex LED neon.

“FloppyFlex is a winner in our book; it’s extremely bright, versatile, and reliable,” says Jeff Mabray of Hossley Lighting.  “We’re using the large dome, 4000 Kelvin white, with four distinct programs on an automated timeclock.  The looks include center-out sweeps and streams, black-on-white effects, and more, all auto-selected randomly.  The FloppyFlex was easy to install and is performing well.”

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Flare Q+ Rayzr and Dynamic White LED Fixtures Debut at Prolight+Sound!

Making their first appearance at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt this week, the Flare Q+ Rayzr and Flare Q+ Dynamic White are the latest innovations in the Solaris Flare range of LED fixtures.  The Solaris Flare is now universally recognized by top designers and programmers worldwide for its unrivaled brightness, versatility, and reliability, and now these two new models add exciting new dimensions to the product range.

The Flare Q+ Rayzr is a super-slim blade of ultra-bright light and color, available in 50 and 100 cm lengths. It provides Flare brightness, colors, and features in a single row of RGBW LEDs.  Various mounting options are available for end-to-end alignment, hanging, wall-mounting, and pipe attachment.  With its ultra-slim profile, the Flare Q+ Rayzr will go where other fixtures will not, while maintaining famous Flare performance.  In the words of one lighting director, “The Flare is far and away the best LED strobe/wash on the market – honestly it's not even close.”

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Strictly Come Dancing – Show Networking Made Easy with ProPlex IQ

The British TV show Strictly Come Dancing approaches its 15th season this year.  The winning formula, featuring celebrities and hoi polloi competing head-to-head for the season title, is a smash hit in the UK.  Renowned for its visual razzmatazz, the show’s lighting depends on a vast network of data control, an essential component of which is the extremely powerful ProPlex IQ Two 1616.

“We purchased an IQ 1616 Ethernet-DMX node last autumn for Season 14,” says Mark Newell, Lighting Gaffer and Chief Systems Tech for the show.  “It’s an integral part of a system incorporating two consoles and a media server, all outputting on the same network.  We’ve been using the ProPlex node to output DMX for a grid of LED battens, pixel-mapped within the media server, and used to light any band extras or special props that the couples use during their dances. 

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