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Solaris Mozarts Highlight Mötley Crüe Drum Coaster

Featured on the current Mötley Crüe “final” world tour is Tommy Lee’s “Crüecifly” overhead drum kit “coaster”, highlighted by 24 Solaris LED Mozarts. The Mozarts, mounted on the underside of the drum riser, are the perfect eye candy to highlight Lee’s solos as he rolls high in the air on an elaborate “roller coaster” of truss.

A total redesign from previous tours, planning for the show began last February between Matt Mills, Robert Long, and Sooner Routhier. “We searched for a while for something to put under the drum riser,” explains tour Lighting Designer, Matt Mills. “We had several ideas, but when I saw the Mozarts at InfoComm in Orlando it was a simple decision. We bolted them to the underside of Tommy’s drum riser and use them for video pixel-mapping, controlled via wireless DMX sent to a receiver located with the drum kit.” Tommy Lee’s 11-minute Crüecifly has no onboard power; once he “takes off” a UPS backup battery runs everything.

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ProPlex EZ-LAN Presented with LDI 2015 Debuting Product Award

In a ceremony at the Las Vegas Convention Center last week during the LDI 2015 tradeshow, Live Design recognized the new ProPlex EZ-LAN Unity 20 with an LDI 2015 Best Debuting Product of the Year Award.

ProPlex’s revolutionary new EZ-LAN makes managing today’s complex show networking easier and accessible for everyone. These simple to operate yet powerful managed Gigabit Ethernet switches distribute up to four discrete networks – e.g. lighting, audio, content, server, console, communications, etc. – quickly, effortlessly, and simultaneously. Users untrained in the complexities of managed networking can easily isolate networks and access and change VLAN assignments with one button.

While one EZ-LAN will do the work of four standard Gigabit switches, users will enjoy even more savings in time, equipment and cabling when using two EZ-LANs. In addition to replacing up to eight standard Gigabit switches, if the two EZ-LANs are connected with two Ethernet cables, network speed is doubled (through the magic of “link aggregation”) with the added security of full cable redundancy.

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TMB “Pro” products enhance Glastonbury headliner show

Florence + the Machine’s “infectious enthusiasm” at Glastonbury 2015 was enhanced by an elegant stage set with powerful, tasty lighting by Lighting Designer Rob Sinclair. To complement Florence’s dramatic and eccentric music (how many rock bands have a harp and vibes?), Sinclair combined new and traditional technology in unique ways to reinforce Florence’s grandiose performance on the festival’s celebrated Pyramid Stage.

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