TMB Questions

Are you a Rental Company?

No, absolutely not. Throughout our history, TMB's number one market has been the professional rental companies. TMB takes great care not to compete in its customers' markets.

Do you sell Christmas lights?

Yes. TMB provides everything a Lighting Company might need, including standard or custom light festoons! How many miles would you like?

Are you open on Saturday?

Yes: Our Sales office is not open over the weekend, but you can always reach us on one of our 24-hour emergency lines to arrange an emergency shipment or to get an answer for an urgent question.

Los Angeles: +1 818.829.6116
New York: +1 201.219.0159
London: +44 (0)76.6920.6952

What does "EXW". mean?

TMB routinely uses the following shipping terms (also known as incoterms): EXW, DAP and DDP.

We use EXW for any international shipment that is collected by a customer or their agent from a TMB location.

We use DAP for any international shipment for which TMB is arranging delivery to the customer.​

We use DDP for international shipments for which we bear the cost of import charges (usually for samples or memo loans).



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