Rigging Questions

Are spansets legal for permanent installations?

No. Permanently installed rigging equipment must be fire-resistant, which spansets are not.

Is my Tomcat/Thomas Lighting truss compatible with those of other manufacturers?

Yes and No. While there are several brands of truss that will intermate - the holes match up - the mixing of truss from different manufacturers is never recommended because of liability issues.

For joining truss together, which is stronger? Bolts or Cam-Locks?

Bolts. As long as you are using rated "Grade 8" nuts and bolts with substantial washers on both sides of the joint. TMB recommends bolts for most applications.

What length of chain do I use for a 30' G/S motor?

The length of chain you want to use for a 30" G/S motor is 72 1/2'.

Do TomCat, TFL & Thomas trusses inter-mate?

Yes, but not advisable. While several brands of truss do intermate, the mixing of truss from different manufacturers is never recommended because of liability.

What are the standard twist-locks for chain motors?

There is not a standard.

Can I use 12x12 Light Duty Truss for Ground Support uprights?

No: 12X12 Light Duty and 12X12 Tower trusses look quite similar. However the construction is different. Light Duty must not be used as an upright, but Tower will function regular truss or as an upright.

What are the standard sizes of rigging steel?

3/8" wire rope is used for 1-ton rigging. 1/2" wire rope is used for 2-ton rigging.



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