ProPlex Data Distribution Devices Questions

What is PoE?

PoE or Power Over Ethernet, is a system designed to carry both power and data signal over and ethernet cable. 

What sort of devices can utilize PoE (Power over Ethernet)?

VoIP phones, IP cameras including pan–tilt–zoom camera, Wireless access points and Network routers, Network Intercom / Paging / Public address systems and hallway speaker amplifiers, Wall clocks in rooms and hallways, with time set using Network Time Protocol, Lighting controllers and LED Lighting fixtures, Stage and Theatrical devices, such as networked audio breakout and routing boxes, Remote Point of Sale (POS) kiosks, And many more!

How do I recalibrate the touch screen on a MasterFade?

The MasterFade touch screen can be re-calibrated to get rid of any odd interactive issues. To do this, hold the ‘Page Up’ and ‘Page Down’ buttons below the screen simultaneously while powering on the unit. Once the process begins you can release the buttons and follow the instructions on screen.

How can I be sure my IQ is running the latest firmware and how do I update it if it is not?

The IQ displays the installed firmware version on the boot screen when the unit is first powered. You can also view the installed version in the IQ Manager Software or the onboard webpage interface. The latest firmware version can be checked by visiting the product page. Additionally, IQ One and IQ Mini with Firmware below 3.0 can be sent to TMB for updating. All IQs with FWV 3.0 and above can be updated anywhere through the IQ Manager Software with access to the internet.




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