Fibre Questions

Does TMB stock dual-core fibre cable?

TMB has made the decision to standardize on quad fibre assemblies for several reasons:

  • Four fibres under the one jacket gives the cable a lot more flexibility.
  • It is possible to combine various signals in one cable through the use of a combiner/splitter device. TMB has products in the pipeline which will utilize all four fibres.
  • Four fibres configure themselves into a square symmetrical grouping, giving extra strength and protection to the individual fibres more so than the side-by-side configuration of dual fibre.
  • Almost the same price – quad fibre cable and OpticalCons are almost the same cost, only slightly more than the duo alternatives.
  • TMB stocks quad OM3 MM ProPlex Fibre assemblies with OpticalCon Quad connectors in standard lengths ready for immediate shipment.

What does OM3 mean?

OM3 is an ISO classification based on the bandwidth that the fibre is capable of carrying. OM3 cable is capable of carrying 1GB ethernet up to 550m and 10GB ethernet up to 300m.

What is the difference between Single Mode & Multi-Mode?

In a nut shell: you can transmit more data over multimode fibre, but you max out at a shorter distance.  With singlemode fibre, you can transmit a smaller amount of information a greater distance.   

Why do you use quad cable in your OpticalCon Duo assemblies?

We make our OpticalCon Duo assemblies with quad cable.  Here is our thinking:  The symmetrical, square, quad configuration actually protects the fibres from damage by crushing , much better than two fibres, where one often ends up on top of the other. Also, the actual extra fibres are not very expensive, the least costly part of the cable, so represent a small additional cost over dual fibre.

Why is the case option for your ProPlex Fibre reels such a lightweight case?

A lightweight, fibre case option is included in the price, ideal for light protection, or to protect the fibre reel inside a larger heavy-duty flight case or trunk.


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