Frequently Asked Silly Questions

Can this console make coffee too?

Yes, but you have to unplug the toaster.

How much does a 50# base weigh?

50.00016 lbs.

How long is a 6x9 and how far will it throw?

It depends on the manufacturer of the fixture and the type of lamp being used.

How many batteries are in a gross?


What is the standard wiring?

Hot, Neutral, Ground

What does TMB stand for?

Thomas Marshall Bissett

Can I put a 500 watt lamp in my 1K fixture?

Yes! It is always possible to use a lamp.

How many circuits are there in a 4 light CYC?


Is a 200 amp "cam" interchangeable with a 400 amp?

Single-pole cam connectors, yes.

Interlocked connector systems, no.

How bright is a 6K?

5K brighter than a 1K.

Is it worth buying GE long life (Quartz) PAR lamps?

It depends on your use.

Is one truss manufacturer stronger than another?

Yes. It is usually dependent on the type of truss and not so much the manufacturer. You should always check the structural reports and manufacturers load capacities.

Is there a standard distro for lighting systems?

No. It would be nice, but there are many different distro configurations used in our industry.



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