Connector Questions

Are there two versions of a 6-pin XLR?

TMB uses the term “Switchcraft compatible” because there are two completely different 6-pin XLR configurations. One is the IEC International Standard – the original used by Neutrik, Canon, etc… This is the 6-pin used by DHA “Light Talk” and Strand remotes. The other is originally unique to Switchcraft, although Neutrik and others make this configuration now (Neutrik calls it “Switchcraft compatible”). This is the 6-pin used for ETC RFU and LINK cables and Rosco fogger remotes.

What is the pin out on a 7-pin Socapex?

There is no standard wiring on a 7-pin connector for motor control. Normally the center pin, (#5), is used for the ground. However, the pins used for control and the pins used for power vary from rental company to rental company. Usually they are in groups - [1,2,3, control], [4,6,7 power], or [1,2,3, power], [4,6,7 control]. There is no industry standard, so you should always double check the wiring of any equipment that is sub rented and used with your gear. The reason to double check your gear is that 7-pin connectors carry power and control together and there is a potential for harming the equipment or the operator if the wiring configuration is not confirmed.

What does the 19th pin of a Socapex do?

Socapex has become a generic term applying to the types of connectors commonly used for "6-circuit" lighting load distribution. In the normal 6-circuit configuration, the 19th pin is not used.

Do VSC & Socapex mate?

VSC stands for "Veam Socapex Compatible". The Litton-Veam VSC series of connectors are fully compatible with Socapex "419" series connectors.

What is the standard wiring of 6-circuit cables using Socapex compatible connectors?


The standard wiring of 6-circuit cables using Socapex compatible connectors is:

Circuit 1 pin 1 pin 2 pin 13 
Circuit 2 pin 3 pin 4 pin 14 
Circuit 3 pin 5 pin 6 pin 15 
Circuit 4 pin 7 pin 8 pin 16 
Circuit 5 pin 9 pin 10 pin 17 
Circuit 6 pin 11 pin 12 pin 18 

Pin 19 is a blank in this configuration.

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What is the standard wiring of 12 circuit cables?

The standard wiring of 12-circuit cables using "Pyle" type 37-pin, 20 Amp connectors is:

Circuit 1 pin 1 pin 2 pin 3 
Circuit 2 pin 4 pin 5 pin 6 
Circuit 3 pin 7 pin 8 pin 9 
Circuit 4 pin 10 pin 11 pin 12 
Circuit 5 pin 13 pin 14 pin 15 
Circuit 6 pin 16 pin 17 pin 18 
Circuit 7 pin 19 pin 20 pin 21 
Circuit 8 pin 22 pin 23 pin 24 
Circuit 9 pin 25 pin 26 pin 27 
Circuit 10 pin 28 pin 29 pin 30 
Circuit 11 pin 31 pin 32 pin 33 
Circuit 12 pin 34 pin 35 pin 36 

Pin 37 is blank in this configuration.

Can you use Socapex for 8 or 9 circuit load distribution?

Yes, although we would not recommend it. The predominant standard is for 6-circuits and there are many benefits in having "industry-standard" wiring. However, we do have a few customers who use "Socapex" type connectors for 8 or 9 circuits and our assembly shop does fabricate 8 or 9 circuit cable-assemblies to order.

Do you sell a Rosco Bates manufactured by Advance Devices?

Yes and No: "Bates" is a generic term used mostly in West-Coast Studios to describe the "Stage-Pin" or "2P&G" connectors which are commonly used, in 20, 60 and 100 Amp sizes, in Stage and Studio Lighting. Rosco and Advanced Devices are 2 brand names of connectors of this type. Both are available from TMB.

Do you carry Cam-Lok helox devices?

No. "Cam-Lok" and "Helox" are the trademarks of 2 different manufacturers. In the entertainment industry, the term "Cam-Lok" is used to describe the most widely used locking single-pole feeder connectors.

Are my single-pole cam connectors water proof?

No. single-pole cam type connectors common in the entertainment industry are UL-Listed for dry locations only. Equipment using these connectors must be protected from moisture.

How do you assemble a single-pole cam connector?

You could make your life easy and have TMB install the connector for you. If you need to do it yourself, remember the following tips:
1. Lots of WD40 or silicon spray.
2. Do not cut the boot back too far. You want a tight seal!!
3. Make sure to carefully line up the insert stud with the boot receiver before pulling the boot over the insert.
4. Always pull, never push.
5. Use a rag to pull the boot.

Is a single-pole cam connector a locking device?

Yes: Cam connectors are UL Listed as "Locking connectors"

Is it standard to have the sex of neutral & ground cam connectors reversed?

No. There is no standard. It's always a good idea to have a couple of male-to-male and female-to-female adapters in your work trunk. We have them in stock.



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