Cable Questions

Who actually is the manufacturer of your Dataplex and ProPlex cables?

That is proprietory information but all ProPlex and Dataplex cables are built to TMB exclusive designs to ensure that they are the best data cables available anywhere in the world!

What is the pin out on DMX cables?

1=screen, 2= pair 1 data-, 3=pair1 data+, 4= pair2 data-, 5=pair 2 data+

What is the voltage rating on your install cables?

ProPlex installation data cables are rated at 300v

Do you have direct burial cable?

Some cables in our ProAqua range are rated for direct burial

What can you use your wet location cable for and how deep can it go?  Salt water, fresh water, burial.

ProAqua range is tailored and designed to meet the specific chemical requirements of our customers' intended application. TMB marketing can provide more details on request.

Are your cables / connectors UL Listed?

In many cases yes. And almost all TMB cable assemblies are cCSAus certified for USA and Canada. CSA certification is equivalent in all ways to UL listings

What is your warranty on Cable Assemblies?

All TMB cables are built to the highest standards and they are expected to last a very long time.  Our warranty is 1 year for any manufacturing defects.

What are the advantages of using ProPlex data cables with FEP insulation?

  • SUPERIOR ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES. Due to the stability of the low dielectric constant, FEP insulation has the excellent electrical properties required for cables that carry high-speed data.
  • CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE. Using additives in an insulating material may lead to inconsistent performance due to variability in manufacturing. FEP requires NO additives to meet signal performance for low capacity and low loss.
  • UNEXCELLED FIRE SAFETY PROPERTIES. Remarkable resistance to high temperature and flames because of very high melting points and auto–ignition temperatures, as well as exceptional thermal degradation thresholds. Flame propagation characteristics, such as the rate of heat release and smoke generation, are all very low.
  • LONG SERVICE LIFE. Outstanding retention of properties after aging, even at high temperatures and in the presence of solvents, oils, oxidizing agents, ultraviolet light, and other environmental agents. Since there is no use of degradable stabilizing additives, FEP offers an important safety advantage when designing products for long service life.
  • WORKING TEMPERATURE. The working temperature for permanent operation of FEP is Minus 100 Degree Celsius to plus 200 Degree Celsius. The melting point of FEP is plus 290 Degree Celsius.

What is the correct wiring for 4-pin XLR cables?

It depends on what they're being used for. While some color changers and fixtures use the same cable and connectors, there are wiring differences that should be followed to avoid adverse effects or damage to units.

Go to the 4-pin XLR wiring tables in the TMB Technical Information area.

What is the standard wiring for an ACL bar?

ACL's are usually 28V. Therefore, an ACL bar is wired in "series" (4x28V=112V).

What's the difference between a Fan-out & a Break-out?

Nothing, they're the same thing. These terms apply to a cable assembly which distributes control or load circuits "out" of a Multicable carrying multiple circuits. It typically comprises a multipin connector wired with several individual cables, one for each circuit.

Can I terminate my multicable directly to stage pin connectors or do I have to always use a breakout?

No: The conductors of Multicables used in stage lighting load distribution are not designed to be "splayed out" to multiple connectors, doing this could be dangerous. A breakout assembly or some kind of transition device should always be used.

Is your DMX cable shielded/UL Listed?

Yes and No: All ProPlex Data cables are shielded. The ProPlex "T" series is "UL Recognized" and as such is suitable for permanent installations, however it is not "UL Listed". Typically, Listed status is only a necessity for cables which carry Mains Voltage.

Will your cables make my P.A. systems Buzz?

Yes, unless they are used correctly. Cables do not cause PA noise problems. Incorrect use of cables can cause such problems.

Can you use mic cable for DMX?

No: DMX is a digital control signal (RS485) that needs a true, low-capacitance, control cable. Although mic cable wired to 5-pin XLR connectors may seem to work OK, there is a great danger that there will be problems, when you expect them least. We would say you should use the best possible cable, so that when problems do arise with your DMX equipment, you can eliminate the cable as the cause of trouble.

Can I use 2/0 cable for dimmer pack feeders?

Yes, as long as the type of cable used is approved for such use and the dimmers are not drawing more than the rated current carrying capacity. The feeder cables typically used in the US' Entertainment industry, Types SC and W, have a 290 Amp rating for size 2/0.

Do you sell 2/0 Type W/Entertainment cable

Yes and No: "Type W" and "Entertainment" (actually "Type SC") are 2 different types of feeder cables. TMB sells 2/0 cables of both types.

Can I get 5-wire feeder all in one cable?

No. Multicables are not designed to have the individual conductors "splayed out" to individual connectors. A high power "fan-out" is not practical.

How long should my feeder tails be?

That is up to you. Most customers order 10 foot feeder tails.

What is SC Cable? Is it the same as EISL Cable?

Yes: "Type SC" is the designation in the NEC for cables previously known as "Entertainment Industries Stage Lighting"

What's with the knots in the sash cord on feeder cables in the film industry?

Feeder cables are designated with colored tape and often have knots tied in #8 sash cord at the ends of the cables. The code is as follows:

Hot 1 Black Two knots on one side of sash cord
Hot 2 Red One knot on one side of sash cord
Hot 3 Blue No knots on sash cord
Neutral White One knot on each side of sash cord
Ground Green Two knots on each side of sash cord



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