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The First and Still the Best

TMB was the first to design and build custom, proprietary cables and assemblies for the Rental, Touring and Staging Markets. For over 30 years professionals around the world have depended on TMB for reliable, quality power and data cables that get the job done night after night, mile after mile. Many “me-too” products now exist, but TMB cables remain the professional standard for uncompromising reliability, durability and quality.

Innovations from TMB include: the first purpose-built DMX cable, the first six-circuit, 1214 “Soca” cables with ground rings, the first roadworthy Ethernet cables, the TMB ProShell, and now TMB’s Rock&Roll Tactical ProPlex Fibre Cables.

Custom cable solutions from TMB have featured everywhere – from the Bellagio water show to Wybron Color Scrollers, from NOAA towed sonar arrays, to Disney Parks around the World.

Now all power cable assemblies produced by TMB in North America, including six-circuit “Soca”, are fully cCSAus-mark Listed for extra-hard or hard usage: The first and only fully code-compliant cables on the market.

All TMB cables and cable assemblies are fully RoHS compliant


Below is a list of cable assemblies TMB offers.

We build custom cable assemblies with TMB exclusive products and other component brands. See our list of dealer products for more information.


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